(2013) • fiberglass, upholstered interior, LED lights • 8′ x 8′ & 5′ x 5′

The brightly-colored Teraniums are a pair of enclosed, intimate spaces in which users have the chance to collaboratively explore sound and light as interactive mediums. Visually, the two “pods” are somewhat arabesque, their teardrop shapes scaled to each other’s dimensions with matching golden framework, while setting each other apart through their glossy, differentiated colors.

The Teraniums began life obscurely, as large fiberglass molds used to form crowning minarets (or “onion domes”) on Russian Orthodox churches. The larger Teranium measures 8′ around and 8′ tall, comfortably seats 8 – 10 people on its upholstered benches, and features an interactive sound/light installation. The smaller of the pair is approximately 5′ tall and round, seats one (two VERY intimately) and functions mostly as a meditation chamber with a softly glowing interior that changes color. By day, the exterior of the Teraniums draws people to it like large, lustrious pieces of candy, revealing a shady interior. By night, the glowing interiors and laughter refracted outward from the singular acoustics draw people into it as a warm, comfy respite from the dark.

In the past, the Teraniums have featured a very cool user-generated sound installation created by Michael Miller. The installation is available with or without this additional feature.

Biggie Smalls

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