Basura Sagrada

Basura sagrada(2008)  •  untreated telephone poles, recycled wood, trash  •  140′ x 100′  •    

Commissioned by Burning Man as the central Temple for the event, this installation catered to an actively-involved crowd of over 50,000 people. As Project Director, Teutsch was responsible for all design, operational, construction, logistical, and budgetary oversight of the project. This included contracting with engineers, architects, material suppliers, and outside artists to successfully complete the large-scale installation. Awarded a $40,000 art grant, his efforts led to an additional $70,000 in funding for the project. Directing a crew of 200 onsite volunteer builders and artists, the exhibition of Basura Sagrada generated worldwide coverage on the BBC,, Japanese television, and many national news outlets. That commission, as well as his 2007 project, Tasseograph: Trash Tea Temple, was a collaboration with the artist Shrine.

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