“Dreams of a Lost City”

Image by Bill Daniel

Image: Bill Daniel

“They tell us that we will be entering a war zone. Those are the words they use: a war zone. They employ terms like battle fatigue, tours of duty, campaign and revolution. They inform us, in quiet tones, that a fight is being waged in New Orleans for the right of return of its poor, mostly black citizens: one house, one street, one neighborhood at a time slowly following the next into a long and arduous struggle towards rehabilitation and livability. It will take forever, and if it is ever finished, it will be a miracle. We know we are not miracle workers, only volunteers — kids really. Three months earlier we sat with the rest of the country, tears welling while destruction porn looped on television around the clock and the abandoned masses waved at us from the screen. We knew something had to be done; never in our dreams thinking that it might be done by us.” New Orleans post-Katrina collaboration with photographer Bill Daniel Click here to read the full article. ARTL!ES: Issue 49


“The Loneliest Road”

roadtrip_nevada“Highway 50 is all mine,” I tell myself, flooring the accelerator. “I own this road.” There’s no one around to prove me wrong. Venturing out into its great desolation like an explorer searching for a new route west, I’m adrift in the ephemera of a heavy road trip: Maps and spent coffee cups are piled around me as I trace the old Pony Express Trail across the Great Basin toward the Sierra Nevada. The unbroken sky and the rolling flux of mountain range and alluvial plain have a way of reworking one’s perspective. Out here, the world dissipates like a mirage on the hot tarmac, leaving only the open highway and the promise of discovery.
Musings on Nevada’s Highway 50
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Outside Magazine: July 2003