meTucker Teutsch 3.0 is cursed by an inability to ignore his dreams. His varied work as an installation artist, creative director, builder, event producer, logistician, craftsman, writer, and dairy farmer can hardly be described as a career path. If it is any path at all, it is a meandering one: guided by simple curiosity, physical explorations of the improbable, and gentlemen’s bets wagered, won, and (very rarely) lost within the elastic confines of his mind. He tends to work on a larger, more whimsical scale than most. Past examples of his creative work — a major commuter bridge transformed into an interactive work of art using fabric and light; a traveling temple constructed from everyday refuse; a Chinese Junk ship stage designed in California and built it in the dry, empty wilds of Australia — have existed at the visionary point of convergence between beauty, scale, and public interaction. Most of these works are evanescent, leaving few physical traces of themselves behind. Once the piece is complete and the curiosity exhausted, it goes away. Pictures and the recollected experience of individuals — thousands upon thousands of them — are all that remain. Lately, he has attempted to focus on the small things: the changing of the seasons, the excruciating daily pleasures of creating self-sufficiency, the bleats of a newborn goat. Tucker Teutsch 3.0 now lives on and runs a second-generation family farm in a hundred-acre wood located in the picturesque Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. His life  — by modern metrics — is either an idyllic pastoral dreamscape or a 21st century anachronism. And yet, he is constantly distracted — for reasons of fun and financial necessity — by amazing projects and grand undertakings. This website, if nothing else, provides a quick look into the lasting products of a lifetime of creative passion.