Don’t think you can do it alone? You’re probably right. Most consultants combine a bit of “analysis” while acting as a “therapist” to charge you as an “analrapist”. On the other hand, I just want to help you realize your vision quickly and inexpensively using techniques that have worked for me. Here are some of the methods I use:

  • Idea innovation through engaged conversation — Sometime you just have to talk it out! I want to hear your big idea, help you focus it into achievable, bite-sized goals, and perhaps give you a few of my own. It always helps to talk, does it not? Let’s have a cup of coffee. Oh yeah, you’re buying.
  • Brainstorming for results — Let’s get it all out there. In small groups or large, we will dance the dance of the crowdsourcing freethinker and breathe new life into the project of your dreams. Forget messy oversized writeboards and spilled coffee a the end of it: Results of brainstorming sessions are organized and delivered in meaningful information tables, easily digested and turned into achievable goals.
  • Budget development — Every bolt, every box, every gallon of gas. Let’s see what that crazy idea is gonna set you back. Crowdsourcing or bootstrapping? We can also figure out how to make it happen. From top to bottom, we will envision a project, poll available resources, and decide how to find the happy medium between achievable results and a healthy bottom line.
  • Branding and naming — Or “Braming” as I like to call it. Actually, I don’t like to call it “Braming”. That is a really bad portmanteau. But hey, at least I know the difference between portmanteaus, puns, neologisms, palindromes, and the latest played-out memes. What do I really call this marketable skill, you ask? “Contrabranding”
  • Ideas that attract an audience — I am full of them. Don’t believe me? This was my idea and here’s a crowd to prove it.
  • Creating simple solutions for complex productions — They really do exist. But perhaps you are too close to the thing to see it. Guess what: I’m over here milking goats, actively conserving my brain cells for your benefit.
  • Building a timeline for success — Flowcharts and timelines. When’s the last time you actually created one? For me it was in 2009, and a little over a year later I was sitting on $250,000 with an idea on the verge of “going live”.
  • Resource identification and referral — In other words, I have an entire creative community at my fingertips. Need something 3D printed, CNC milled, CADed, photographed, projection-mapped, engineered, reproduced, enplastinated, discombobufied, or renderzipped? I may not know what it means or how to do it, but odds are I know someone brilliant who does!